Marty McFly Self-Lacing Marty McFly Shoes from Back to the Future II


In the movie Back to the future II, Marty McFly goes in the future with Doc and he gives a pair of self-lacing shoes to Marty in order to go undercover.

When shooting this scene, multiple people from the staff triggered the "self-lacing" shoes with wires so we think that the shoes are laced automatically. That was so simple and made the trick to fool viewers. After the release, a lot of people wanted to buy these shoes. Unfortunately, they didn't existed at the time.

About real life, a tweet in october 2015 from Nike said that they will be releasing a product soon. There's no information yet on pricing or availability, but Nike did say the new sneakers, called the 2015 Nike Mags, will be a limited-edition only available via auction, just like the Nike Mags from 2011, which were sold on eBay.