Tyler Durden Jacket from Fight Club


The original Fight Club Jacket was made for the film by Jonathan A. Logan

This jacket is a prototype that Michael Kaplan which is a Costume designer had designed for the costume department. The jacket was dyed in a late 60s, early 70s red/brown and then the top stitching was added to make it look authentic.

It seems that Kaplan and Jonathan A. Logan came up with this design together. There are more than a few tell-tale JAL traits on the jacket that was used during filming.

As you can see there are a few differences between the jacket seen in the movie and Jonathan A. Logan's jacket. The main difference is the colour. The original red/brown has been made a lot redder. The pockets are different too. The western design which matches the stitching across the back is gone and the collar has less of a curve to it.

So if you want the exact replica of this jacket it will be very hard but you could buy the Jonathan A. Logan jacket used and dye it to have something not pretty far from Brad Pitt jacket in Fight Club.